For when you just need simple website analytics

Wiser is the perfect solution for businesses that want powerful but easy to understand website analytics. Our platform provides you with the data you need to understand your traffic, measure your success, and connect your team.

Finally say goodbye to that cookie banner

Discover the perfect balance - build user trust while getting vital data to fuel your growth strategies while ensuring your visitors enjoy an uninterrupted browsing experience.

Cookie-less, banner free.

Wiser is ad-blocker and tracker friendly, meaning we measure close to 99% of your website traffic so you can discover more.

No PII data collection

Designed to capture the necessary website usage metrics without needing to collect any Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

GDPR & CCPA complaint

We're champions of minimalist data collection, capturing only the most crucial data points, respecting the privacy of web users while being data compliant.

Easy to install

Our lightweight code snippet doesn't impact website performance and installs in minutes with no complex data retention or exclusion policies.
Wiser Privacy and Data Compliant

Actually understand your website traffic

Enjoy clarity and powerful insights with our user-friendly reporting & filtering. Wiser's streamlined tools let you focus on what matters most - understanding and growing your business. It's not just analytics, it's your strategic edge.
Wiser tracks UTM source, medium and campaign

Campaign performance

Capture UTM and referral data from all your in-market campaigns, track success with easy to understand campaign reporting.

Clear reporting

Get a crystal-clear understanding of your website's traffic, gain access to comprehensive traffic tracking and tailor-made reports.

Filter your data

With simplified filtering, navigate your data effortlessly to pinpoint the insights you need. It's not just about streamlining data, it's about empowering your decision-making.

Beautifully simple

Built with simplicity in mind. Straight-forward metrics and data that everyone on your team can view and understand.

Manage all your website properties, in one place

Connect multiple client websites, blogs, subdomains, help documents, or personal blogs with consistent reporting across all your sites. Gain a better understanding and maintain control more effectively.

Collaborate together

Built for collaboration, Wiser makes it easy to share reporting and connect insights across all your campaigns.

Uncover insights

Manage consistent data across multiple sources with same reporting and insights across every session.

Cost effective

We believe in fair pricing - you only pay for the actual traffic you're measuring, not for the number of websites you're managing.

Unlimited websites

Keep it simple, manage all your websites under the same account and switch between them seamlessly. Websites are free! 
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Report on goals and conversions

Transform insights into action. Measure your users' journey like never before with Wiser's conversion funnel. Discover drop-off points, optimize user paths, and boost your conversion rates.
Wiser goal conversions

Build conversion funnels

Track your wins, learn from the journey, and refine for more success. We're all about helping you grow, one conversion at a time.

View goal progress

Turn data into action. Implement changes rooted in insights and watch as your conversion rates soar.

Multi step

Combine conversions for multi-step goals to measure where users are dropping off and where to make changes.

See what's working

Unlock actionable insights. Decode user behavour, identify patterns, and make informed decisions that drive growth.
Even more features

Let the fun begin

Reliable data, universal compatibility, enhanced security, and reduced legal risks. Not just a tool, but a strategic partner that uplifts your brand's perception, optimizes cost-effectiveness, and delivers an inclusive, respectful user experience.

Simple install

Focus on your insights, not your install. Experience faster website loading times and more accurate data with an ad-blocker friendly analytics solution.

Universal compatibility

Our simple script works with almost every website and CMS. From Google Tag manager to Wordpress, we have it all covered.

More data

Wiser does not track cross-device or cross-websites and our data is strictly isolated to single days. Meaning we can measure more.

A vision and a roadmap

Wiser is a small and efficient team, we make changes often and quickly. Have your say and keep in the loop with our always up to date roadmap.
Wiser features
Wiser Insights

UTM & traffic sources

Get insights into your in-market campaigns with UTM and referral reports ready to go out of the box.

Visitor insights

Wiser captures anonymised data for insights on Geo location, technology such as browser and OS, as well as date comparisons.

User behaviour

Your analytics staples are here. Measure visitors, sessions, bounce rate and session duration.

User journey

Understand what pages users enter and exit your website and correlate engagement with powerful filtering.

Simple pricing

Pay for the website traffic you measure and nothing more.

Get started for free

Wiser is free for your first 100,000 page views. No credit card required.

Multi websites are free

Only pay for what you measure and add as many websites as you like, under a single account.

Cancel at anytime

Wiser is a recurring monthly subscription. Cancel and start at any time with no fees to pay.

Growth plan

For professional teams & businesses.
$6 /mth
View pricing & plans

Wiser works everywhere that you do

Install Wiser with any website platform or CMS and integrate us seamlessly into your exiting toolset.