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The Importance of Keeping Stakeholders and Leadership Informed: An Analytics-Driven Approach

Discover the significance of an analytics-driven approach in keeping stakeholders and leadership informed about website performance. Explore strategies to tailor communication, highlight successes, address challenges transparently, leverage analytics for project proposals, promote a culture of analytics, and offer training and support. Embrace data-driven decision-making to foster continuous improvement and confidently embark on digital projects.

The Fallacy of Direct Attribution: Embracing Multi-Touch Conversions in Digital Marketing

Discover effective strategies for optimizing your SaaS product for marketing success. Learn how leveraging analytics, particularly for tracking conversions from your website to the product, can drive better results and boost your marketing efforts.

Google Analytics 4 - Why Simplicity Matters

Marketing and sales rely on analytics to optimise content, optimise customer engagements and build paths to conversion. Without a solid analytics tool, your team is flying blind, burning resources and ultimately not understanding your customer.